Olive Oil Tasting Experience
To Your House

?How Does It Work

The kit tells the story of the farm and the mill, the varieties they produce and the differences between them.

Each kit contains 100 ml vials, which contain the best varieties of the farm, which will give you an experience of flavors from nature and quality olive oil, straight from the farmer.

Through the kit you will be able to taste 3 different varieties, and then decide which variety is most suitable for you, for future bottle purchases.

The purpose of the evaluation is to help Israeli farmers bring their best produce, straight to the consumer’s home, and thus support Israeli agriculture.

What do you have left to do? Order the kit, and enjoy our joint tasting tour.

Tasting Kit

The kit includes three varieties of olive oil,
Packed in 100 ml bottles, and tasting the olives straight from the tree.

In addition, a booklet with information on each variety and olive oil in the kit,
And submission recommendations for each of the varieties in the kit.

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